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Old Las Palmas History

Old Las Palmas boasts the largest number of celebrity homes in Palm Springs. Formerly a citrus grove, the land was acquired and subdivided in the mid 1920's by Prescott Stevens. The curvilinear street layout was inspired by the work of Frederick Law Olmsted. Allah Hicks was one of the first builders in the area. Within Old Las Palmas boundaries there are approximately 290 homes, three apartment buildings, 22 commercial properties, one church and a Jewish Community Center. Old Las Palmas is within walking distance to downtown Palm Springs and offers many special advantages.

Celebrities who have lived in Old Las Palmas include Leonardo DiCaprio, Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell, Lily Tomlin, Dinah Shore, Lucille Ball & Desi Arnez, Elizabeth Taylor & Mike Todd, Liberace, Red Skelton, Donna Reed, Debbie Reynolds, Mary Martin, Kirk Douglas, Ann Miller, Edgar Bergen, Rona Barrett, William Powell, Alan Ladd, Lena Horne, Jack Warner, Samuel Goldwyn, Edward G. Robinson, Clarke Gable, Gene Autry, and many others.

Old Las Palmas has always has been recognized as one of the premier neighborhoods of Palm Springs. The same is true today. With many of the older estates and homes being updated and enhanced, Old Las Palmas will continue to be viewed as a desirable and prestigious neighborhood. It’s a privilege for those of us who live in this “special” place to organize together in the Old Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization to protect and preserve its heritage.
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