The Old Las Palmas neighborhood is both beautiful and safe yet, even here from time to time, untoward events occur.
By each of us making a practice of following those few simple security measures, miscreants will be inclined to take their mischief to more easily penetrable environments:

  • Keep all the doors locked when you are away – even for a short time – and make a habit of always arming your security system when going out the door.
  • Have a reliable alarm system and test it regularly.
  • Consider hiring an alarm response service either from your alarm system provider or another contractor.
  • Do not make your home vulnerable when you are on vacation. Get to know your neighbors and ask them to pick up newspapers, phone books, UPS notices and anything that may accumulate at your gate or door your while you are gone.
  • Keep perimeter and outdoor lights lit from dusk, and when you are away, place a few interior lights on timers.
  • Maintain photo records of your belongings.
  • Be a good neighbor. Report any suspicious activity to the Palm Springs police department using the following contact numbers:
    General Info/Police Report: (760) 323-8116
    Non-Emergency Crimes/Incidents: (760) 327-1441


Although the OLPNO installed security cameras at several street locations in the past, due to their age and prior technology their usefulness has become increasingly limited.

The use of a personal camera system is recommended. The system could include a doorbell or gate camera with record/playback functions and other cameras covering front and back yards and the interior of the home.


We are asked to report any suspicious activity and neighborhood issues to the police officer who is assigned to Old Las Palmas. He is:

For a non-emergency issue, send an e-mail to the police officer assigned to our neighborhood. You can either request help, provide information and/or ask a question.