Your OLPNO Board members were delighted to see so many of our neighbors who have been in quarantine and/or out-of-town for many months but who joined us for our first virtual neighborhood meeting on November 11, 2020. It was good to see everyone enjoying their self-catered cocktails and appetizers in locations both near and far away!

Once the meeting got underway, Dan Kiser reviewed the items on the Consent Agenda (Nov_2020_Meeting_Agenda) and called for an approval vote by the membership which passed without objection. Then followed a report from the Landscape/Beautification Committee before cutting away to our special guest, Mayor Geoff Kors with an update on construction projects and COVID-19 in the city. Mayor Kors answered questions on the search for a new City Manager and the future of the Palm Canyon Dr restaurant’s outdoor seating, among others. The agenda was then resumed with reports from the Membership & Communications, Security, and Event Committees and from the One-PS representative. Background reports from each committee are attached here.

Dan announced that, in the week following the meeting, participants would be able to pick up a gift envelope from Ernest Coffee with the new Neighborhood Guide, an OLP Notepad, and a $10 gift certificate from Ernest Coffee. The Guide will be mailed to other members at a later date (sorry, we can’t mail the notepads or gift certificates).

Dan ended the meeting with a farewell toast and hopes for a COVID-free future when our usual social events can resume.

If you missed the meeting, or would just enjoy watching it again, a video recording is available for a limited time.